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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Interview with Daniela Frongia: Illustrator in the UK

I met Daniela via this blog. She saw my call for interviews and reached out. After checking out her amazing website, I'm glad she did. And, after reading her interview, I'm going to try my first espresso! 

Daniela lives in London, UK where she works as a freelance illustrator. 

Below are the questions I asked her:

1.    What was the first memorable drawing you did?

Halloween Doggy by  Marmalade Sky Publishing, LLC, was the first big project I did.

2.     Describe your artwork in 5 words:

Colored, Funny, Manga,  Expressive, Sweet

3.     What inspired you about the Disney characters?

The backgrounds and some facial expressions 

4.     What school or classes would you recommend to an artist interested in becoming an illustrator?

First of all an art-school and then a specialization in graphic-design or cartoon 

5.     What time do you get up and what do you eat for breakfast?

Usually I wake-up at 8 am and start immediately with a nice breakfast and then at work... but with a little break before lunch :)

6.     What method of creating artwork do you like best? Why?

The best for me is using the airbrush because it is more difficult than pencil so it become a continuous challenge.

7.     How did you land your first exhibition in a gallery?

It was a group-exhibition  I just send my works by email and they select me to participate.

8.     You seem to have done everything in the right order: draw as a kid, go to school for art, get an exhibition. Has everything always come easy for you?

Absolutely no. My parents at the beginning  put me in a different school so I lost 1 year and think to have an exhibition in London was not in my plan but life situation bring me in front of this opportunity. Anyway a lot of closed doors in my face but I continued go straight.

9.     How much time do you spend working on artwork in one day?

Because it is my job I  spend at least 7 hours per day

10. What is the best thing about your workspace?

A lot of light, an Internet connection and piped Japanese music 

11. What should everyone who wants to be illustrator know?

It is not an easy job because there are a lot, so never give up!

12. What one word best describes you?


13. How many rejections did you get before you landed your first illustrator job?

I lost the count 

14. Do you promote yourself on Facebook, Twitter, or have your own web page? And what works the best?

On FB of course and my website that is the best way for me to be known

15. Why children’s books?

Because I like the idea to enjoy the children 

16. Where’s the best place to get a cup of Joe in London?

Because I'm Italian I prefer a single espresso by the way, London has a lot of marvelous place where enjoy it.

17. What one big mistake did you make, during your art career, that you hope no one else makes?

I don't think in this terms, I think every mistake is an experience... so no one, can do better without making some!

 (nicely said!!)

18. Did you ever want to give up? What kept you going?

A lot of time I thought so, but  I do not think it would be fair to all those that support me , especially my husband  ;)

19. How can my blog readers help you to become an even bigger success?

Talking about me :D 

20. Who is your biggest cheerleader?

My husband 

21. What do you think about the publishing world today? Is it harder or easier to get a contract? What about e-books? Do you think the digital world is good for the art?

It is a war out there... a lot of writers, illustrators, editors, it is absolutely harder to get a contract but not impossible... E-books is the new era but a paper book has a different and bigger value for me and digital is art in every form you get it

22. What’s been the toughest thing about being published? What’s been the best?

To obtain the right award as my name on the book. The best to received a lot of good review and my name on the book. 

23. What’s the funniest thing a kid has asked you about your work?

"Did you really made it by yourself?" 

24. How tough, or easy is the illustrator/writer collaboration? How does it work?

Sometimes it is very easy and funny because they give you a lot of space in creation, sometime it is a hell because they start asking impossible things as make characters the same as others illustrators. There are two ways to work together : writer tell me what exactly wants in that point of the story, or just give me free choice and then there are the revisions.

25. Any big news?

A new book of mine is out now "Kiky superhero" ( on ) and another one "Obon- the girl in the mirror" (2nd rev.) will be on the market SOON with more illustration, always on


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