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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

90 Days to Your Novel Update: Day 20 & 21

Yes! I made it to the outlining day. Now I get to use all the writing I've done this far - which is about 150 pages - and I get to outline my novel. This is it! This is the day to get it down on paper.

An outline is a general description or plan for your novel with the essential parts, without all the details. Outlining is a great way to see if your novel has enough juice to fill the chalice. Or wine, in my case...ha. 

I've learned a lot from this book so far, and I am excited to show you what my outline is starting to look like. I've used my research I did on my characters, my synopsis of the entire novel, and the ideas floating around my head.

Below is my Outline:

Day 20 & 21: Outline: Signpost

INT: Scene 1: Contemplative/Interior
Setting: Alaska: Uncle Alakshak’s round hut
Characters: Seit, Uncle, camp kids
Purpose: to show tension between Seit and her new surroundings & Uncle
Plot: Seit rides in the front of an old pick up truck. What does she look like? She is wearing an old Sah pg. 45 (amulet of protection: The eye of Horus pg. 49) but she does not know it’s what it is. She’s always had it. On her way to the Camp = long drive, pot holes, animals, gets poorer and poorer looking, less people, more trees, then no lights on the roadway, dirt roads, through muddy spots, gets stuck next to a dump= the whole time Uncle talks about being and Indian and what it means / while Seit thinks inward about everything, the funeral, the packing of her stuff and leaving it in storage, what she was allowed to bring, how this place smells…differences / wants to go home / Uncle blocks her / why does her bloodline matter? How can it help with the Egyptian side?
She unpacks what little she was allowed by Uncle to bring with her from Oregon, after her parents died. He rocks in a rocking chair on his porch. The door is open. Camp kids peak in to see her. She’s done quickly, and sits down on bed, but Uncle calls her out. She’s exhausted, just wants to sleep, but he has tails of Indians he must share. Camp kids gawk at her clothes, make-up, and ask odd questions. She feels like a complete outsider.
Related to next scene? In this scene she feels like an outsider, but no one’s actually said that to her – next scene bullies try to scare her and say she’s not wanted at camp.
At stake? Seit becoming a loner – feeling depressed – lost
Conflict? Uncle wants her to follow the path he’s chosen for her / Seit wants to be left alone to choose her own path
Further develops plot how? Who is Seit? Who is she related to? Gets the ball rolling on those questions.

EX: Scene 2: Action Scene
Setting: firepit – in the middle of camp
Characters: Camp Kid bullies & Seit
Purpose: to complicate the plot with new enemies
Plot: Uncle sends Seit for salmon – it’s been hung over the fire pit in the middle of camp. She goes willingly, happy for the escape of him and his stories. But soon a group of older camp kids surround her. They threaten her. They don’t want her here. They know she doesn’t want to be here too. Up the attack = more serious She drops the fish – it’s covered in ash and dirt. One of them shoves her. She runs.
Related to scene before/after? Relates to 1 by showing how she does not belong here, relates to 3 more bad news – the medicine woman thinks she’s cursed – gives her a warning to leave
At stake? Bodily harm / dignity
Conflict? Bully who wants to be the chief and Seit, who he thinks wants the job too
Further the plot? Making it harder for Seit to stay / get her to go with Uncle so he will let her go to a real school and tell everyone she will not be the chief

Scene 2.5: Contemplative/Interior/Action
Setting: Alaska’s smallest town near camp / Mr.Gayle’s house
Characters: Seit, Mr.Gayle, Mindy, Lex
Purpose: to show Seit’s want of her old life / old ways & to meet new characters and show how good she is at art = she could have been great
Plot: Added scene = wants to go to a real art teacher, finds Mr. Gayle online, but he only teaches at school / or is he a private art teacher and Mindy and Lex are his other students? She is so good she blows them away = jealousy but ends up in friendships. Seit snoops / sees paintings of odd Egyptian symbols and Totem poles together. Strange…Mr. Gayle refuses to teach her since she’s from the camp = no point / she’ll not come back = but then she proves her talent and he takes her on if she promises to show up on time and try.
Related to 2/3? Show her contrast with feeling lost and knowing she’s good at something / meet new characters who might be on her side / 3= proves the medicine women has some talents
At stake? Her hobby / making friends if she’s too good / losing the last bit of herself
Conflict? Seit vs. Mr. Gayle / Seit vs. Mindy & Lex
Further the plot? She meets her new friends / she gets something out of it so she can bare what is happening in the other aspects of her life / gives a glimpse into Mr. Gayle = he knows more and is more than just an art teacher

INT: Scene 3: Dialogue
Setting: Loner Hut – far from the others
Characters: Anpaytoo & Seit & Uncle
Purpose: to get Seit to think about her past – to unsettle her more
Plot: Uncle makes Seit go see the medicine woman of the camp. Anpaytoo is in her 80’s and ½ Indian. Seit thinks she has Alzheimer’s, but her crazy Uncle believes she interprets dreams. Anpaytoo talks about art & the classes she signed up for = will keep Seit’s secret if she promises to try to see. Uncle explains to Anpaytoo all that’s happened to Seit up until now, then he leaves. He seems to have no heart. Seit wants to go, but she does not want to be rude. She stays and listens – not believing one word about her past and link to Indians.  medicine women more creepy = make her more demanding or see more for Seit to get Seit interested and conflicted
Related to 2/4? 2= more wanna be Indians telling her bad news / 4= agreeing to go to totem graveyard to not be a part of this nutty clan
At stake? Seit misses out on some important information about her bloodline by not listening
Conflict? Seit vs. herself / she does not want to believe any of this
Further the plot? Sets up the idea that there is more to Seit than meets the eye, even more to Seit that Uncle knows.

INT: Scene 4: Contemplative/Interior
Setting: Path toward Totem Graveyard
Characters: Uncle & Seit
Purpose: to grow tension between them
Plot: Uncle walks in front of her barefoot and silent. She can’t believe she agreed to do this – to go to this stupid totem pole graveyard with him to meet her spirit guide. But he did promise to leave her be if she didn’t see anything. She thinks about what she’d be doing right now if her parent’s seaplane didn’t crash. She thinks about her home, her things she had to leave behind. She thinks about the camp, no electricity, no laptop, no phone – the town, no mall, no real stores – just one store that sells everything from twists to horse feed to high heels. She longs for normalcy.
Related to 3/5? 3 =The reason she’s doing this is to get him to leave her alone about dreams / Indians / chiefdom. 5= heading toward totem graveyard, she’s getting more internal and more angry
At stake? Relationship between Uncle and Seit
Conflict? Seit vs. Self in that she does not believe any of this & Seit vs. Uncle in that she will show him how pig headed she can be
Further the plot? Getting deeper into who she really is – more mysterious

EX: Scene 5: Action Scene
Setting: Totem Pole Graveyard
Characters: Seit, Uncle, Bear
Purpose: to freak Seit out – to make her want to run away – to meet spirit guide
Plot: Uncle makes Seit smoke from his pipe and then he disappears, leaving her barefoot, and freezing in the middle of a fogged in totem graveyard. She calls for him again and again, but he never answers. So she warns that she will damage the totem pole. He still doesn’t answer. So she caves her initials into the wood. The tip of her pocket knife hits something metal – it’s a gold coin with strange pictures carved into it. She keeps it to sell it for a new laptop and to get electricity to the camp. Then a bear swipes claws at her. She runs – Uncle locked her inside the fence, and she knocks herself out trying to scale the fence.  ** The Link is a golden figurine of Egyptian descent but looking a lot like the Indian totem pole carvings on the middle totem, and a lot like the necklace she had as a baby (find it in her old house) dreams of her art school & friends, going back or being able to take classes again / knowing about her debut in NY is now given to an old rival in Cali = more hate toward Uncle and this obsession with his Indian blood

Related to 4/6? 4= her anger and anxiety about doing this lead her to cut the totem / 6= her spirit guide shows up after she’s smoked in this scene
At stake? Relationship with Uncle / self-control / damaging the totem
Conflict? Seit vs. Uncle = take her anger out on his favorite totem
Further the plot? More mysterious / Peaks Seit’s interest / gets her to run away / research the link and her bloodline

EX: Scene 6: Dialogue/Action
Setting: Totem Pole Graveyard
Characters: Seit & Bear
Purpose: Establish the link between her and her bear
Plot: Seit wakes up who knows how long later. The bear is still there, but just sits staring at her. It has her gold coin in its mouth. She yells at it – it does not move. She stands. It stands and starts to mosey away. Seit wants that coin. She wants a plane ticket out of here and a new laptop. She follows. The bear takes her to another door – a wooden door – where it pounds on it until it opens. Then it tosses the coin out. Seit runs out too and slams the door shut. The bear does not try to follow her. Seit runs home – ready to fight with Uncle.
Related to 5/7? 5= she is still in the graveyard with the bear / 7= fights with Uncle about the bear
At stake? Her beliefs / losing the coin that will get her something she wants
Conflict? Seit vs. Self = does she believe this is here spirit guide or just some random bear & Seit vs. Bear = to get the coin back
Further the plot? Deepens the belief in spirit guides and that Seit is a part of the old blood

EX:/INT: Scene 7: Dialogue
Setting: Camp
Characters: Seit, Uncle, and random campers
Purpose: to show Seit’s feisty – and Uncles wisdom
Plot: Seit enters the camp angry as ever. Sees Uncle cooking with the group of campers. She marches to him, fuming. She screams he locked her inside with a man-eating bear. The campers hush. Uncle claps – very proud. Seit is more infuriated. She tells him and them what she really thinks about their wanna be Indian crap. She storms off to her hut to pack. She’ll run away in the night – go back home somehow and never be seen again. up this fight – does she get violent? Does she say unthinkable things? Does she hurt the whole camp wanna be group? / uncle smiles and is happy she met her guide / make him more wise than she is able to see = what could he say at this moment of great despair that readers would get but the MC will not?
Related to 6/8? 6= bear creates a fight between her and Uncle / 8= runs away due to the fight and not fitting in and not wanting to believe
At stake? Relationship between Seit and Uncle / offending campers
Conflict? Seit vs. Uncle
Further the plot? Creates deeper tension propelling her away from who she is and her only family member left

INT:/EX: Scene 8: Action
Setting: Seaplane Airport
Characters: Seit and Pilot
Purpose: to show she can get over a fear / but makes questionable choices
Plot: Seit makes it to the seaplane airport – the one her parents used all the time. She begs the pilot to take her home – she plays on his sadness about her parents. He agrees. They fly for hours in a storm – a bad one. Then they land and she asks him for some money for a cab. He gives in. She goes to her old house – but does not know the realtor already sold it. Uncle never told her – probably used the money for firewood. She’s angry. Does her spirit guide show her how her parents died? Was it the ESS?
Related to 7/9? 6=the fight propelled her to this point / 9=shows that she doesn’t belong to her old world now either
At stake? Lying to the pilot / getting hurt / getting lost
Conflict? Seit vs. Seaplane = can she get on one after her parents died in one
Further the plot? Shows she is brave / will help get her over wanting to go home

INT: Scene 9: Dialogue/Action
Setting: Her old home in Oregon
Characters: Seit & New Owner
Purpose: to show her she can’t go backwards – only forwards
Plot: Seit finds the key she hid, opens the door and sneaks into her old kitchen, up the stairs and into her bedroom. The house is different. The smells are different. All her pictures are gone – but she finds hidden drawings and cards from her parents in her wall of her bedroom. She’s so overcome with emotion – she doesn’t hear the new homeowner. He comes at her with a bat. He chases her out. She is able to keep one card. She runs away to her favorite café.
She finds her old hidden box of young collections = her bracelet with the same Link symbol / drops the rest of her prizes but gets the bracelet out
Related to 8/10? 8=build up in her mind about going home is a let down / 10=creeped out in the café even though it used to be her place / email scares her too
At stake?  Her memories / longing to be home again
Conflict? Seit vs. Self = she wants to go back, but can’t & Seit vs. Owner = she is kicked off her home
Further the plot? Get her back to camp / to make her research who she is

INT: Scene 10: Contemplative/Dialogue
Setting: Oregon Cafe
Characters: Seit, waiter & ESS girl
Purpose: to creep Seit out – make her want to call Uncle
Plot: The café feels warm and smells familiar. Seit takes her usual seat on the couch next to a girl with odd tattoos. They smile a hello. Seit pulls out the card – it has drawings of hers from when she was little and a note from her mother and father. The tattooed girl seems overly interested. The waiter comes to talk with Seit – asks about Alaska and how it’s going. Seit asks to borrow his laptop. He gets her drink and computer. She has an email from someone in Egypt about the coin. How did they know about it? Weird. The tattooed girl attempts more conversation – noticing the coin email. Seit starts to feel paranoid. She goes to the phone and dials the seaplane place in Alaska – tells him to get a message to Uncle – to come get her. New girl is the waitress and old waiter was fired, per her / she allows Seit to use her computer = creepy stuff about the LINK in an email / new girl gets passwords and email account from her using it
Related to 9/11? 9=home doesn’t feel like home anymore it’s more dangerous / 11=prompted by the weirdness of the girl, the bear, and going home she starts searching for the coin
At stake? Losing her coin / giving too much away / getting hurt
Conflict? Seit vs. Self = should she go back to camp / Seit vs. Tattooed girl = why is she so in her business
Further the plot? More mystery surrounds the coin / odd girl / weird email from Egypt

EX: Scene 11: Dialogue
Setting: School
Characters: Seit, Mindy, Lex
Purpose: to find out more about the coin
Plot: Seit confides in Mindy & Lex after they grill her about running away. She shows them the coin – and they do some digging on the computer. Their interest sends more alerts to the ESS. Seit tells them about the weird tattooed girl and how she felt like she wanted information. Could the coin be something serious? How much can it be worth? They discover a small note about the ESS and their beliefs in the 5 coins – 4 have been reclaimed. 1 remains. Could it be her coin? They discuss bloodlines too – why her Uncle is so obsessed with Indians. Comic relief. This makes Seit more curious to her bloodline. She receives more emails from mystery person in Egypt.
Every site she’s directed to shows tons of these statues = bogus sites & her friends find out some interesting info at the local library + Mr. Gayle has some odd old papers in his locked drawer / also more odd paintings with symbols / Seit feels drawn to them

Related to 10/12? 10=tattooed girl gets Seit more interested in the coin / 12=Seit is in school with Mindy & Lex
At stake? Mindy & Lex thinking she’s nuts / her coin
Conflict? Seit vs. Self = should she trust them?  Who is she?
Further the plot? More information about the coin / gets Seit some helpers

EX: Scene 12: Dialogue/Action
Setting: School/Art Room
Characters: Seit, Mr. Gayle, Mindy, Lex, Class
Purpose: to add more mystery to Seit’s bloodline link
Plot: The assignment is to copy Egyptian symbols – they are studying Egypt and making art projects with that in mind. Seit finishes first – she never finishes first – her artwork is never great – it’s so-so. One kid warns her that she’ll tell that’s she’s not supposed to be here. Mr. Gayle shows concern and has Seit stay after. Mindy and Lex go on ahead to lunch. Mr. Gayle asks Seit to close her eyes and he says the name of an Egyptian symbol – she draws it perfectly – she doesn’t know how she’s doing it. Then the fire alarm is pulled – and everyone exits the school.
wants to fly under the radar to not let Uncle know she’s been paying for private art lessons with “camp” funds / which is really her money
Related to 11/13? 11=meet Mindy & Lex / 13=she feels like she’s something special, maybe could belong here then the bullies take that away from her   
At stake? Being weird / being hated by other kids / getting too much attention / getting told on
Conflict? Seit vs. tattle-tale = might get kicked out of school / Seit vs. self = how is she doing it?
Further the plot? Makes Seit more interesting/ maybe she is special

INT: Scene 13: Dialogue
Setting: Camp
Characters: wanna be Indian gang, Seit, Uncle
Purpose: to push Seit away from here / up the tension
Plot: The bullies corner Seit when she comes home from school. They threaten to tell on her – to get her kicked out. She must tell Uncle she will not be the next chief. She must denounce her blood link. They push her. But this time she pushes back. She gets hit – and her mouth bleeds. She runs. Hiding it from Uncle. And they get into another fight.
burn her art books? The only things left of her Mom & Dad? Burn her pictures?
Related to 12/14? 12=she’s finally feeling like she might belong here then they take that away again / 14=she’s questioning herself again when her spirit guide shows up to prove to her that something is odd about the coin
At stake? Body harm / feelings
Conflict? Seit vs. Bully = physical fight / Seit vs. Self = negative thinking that she does not belong
Further the plot? Does not let her get comfortable

EX: Scene 14: Interior
Setting: Camp - hut
Characters: Seit, Bear
Purpose: to guide her toward her destiny
Plot: Seit is ready for sleep. She keeps the coin on her at all times – paranoid that someone will try to take it, especially after the continuous emails from someone in Egypt. Her mind is going over everything – the events and the bear appears at the window. Seit jumps – but does not wake Uncle. She creeps to the door and goes outside. The bear pounds the earth – in a threatening way, but Seit does not know why. He growls. She backs up. He starts to walk off, and when she doesn’t follow, he pounds the ground again. She gets it and follows – they go all the way back to the totem graveyard. He paws at the lock – Seit’s not sure what to do – she doesn’t have a key. He growls again. She looks closer at the lock – it’s got a symbol on it. One that matches the coin – the woman with wings. Then he disappears. Seit hurries back to the hut.
Related to 13/15? 13=she is questioning herself again but her spirit guide makes her see beyond the bully / 15=
At stake? Dying out in the woods following a crazy bear / her sanity / getting caught by the bullies
Conflict? Seit vs. Self = does she believe in this stuff. Will she?
Further the plot? Shows more of a link the link has to the totem graveyard / like it was made for it?

INT:/EX: Scene 15: Action
Setting: School
Characters: Seit, Mindy, Lex, Cleaning Person
Purpose: to force them out of Alaska / thicken the plot
Plot: Seit, Mindy, and Lex come up with a plan to steal money from the art fund to buy their tickets to Egypt. The money sits in a huge glass donation jar at school in the middle of the lunchroom. They will break in after hours, and steal it. They dress in black – Seit darkens her face and covers her blond hair. Mindy braids hers, and wears long black gloves. Lex is in a track suit and ski cap. They break in – cleaning person hears something – almost busts them – they crack the glass – coins go everywhere – they grab the cash – stuff it into pockets – keep going until the cleaning person runs at them with a mop – pulls the fire alarm. She gets them caught for stealing from Mr. Gayle = major disappointment and no show in town for her art and then money shows up from Egypt) wants to go to Egypt, to meet with whoever has been emailing her, wants to steal money for plane tickets / busted by cleaning person? Yolanda? Does she stop her? Call the cops?
Related to 14/16? 14=pushes her to go to Egypt to find out more / 16=fight with Uncle
At stake? Trust by Uncle and camp / friends by getting them caught / school time if they get caught / Trust by Mr. Gayle
Conflict?  Seit vs. Mr. Gayle = his art supply money / Seit vs. Uncle = his money / Seit vs. Self = is this the right thing?
Further the plot? She in too deep to turn around / steeling money = get tickets and go

INT: Scene 16: Dialogue
Setting: Camp
Characters: Seit, Uncle
Purpose: To escalate tension between them
Plot: Uncle Alaska sits Seit down to seriously talk about the tribe. She laughs. It’s not tribe, it’s a bunch of wanna bes going no where. Uncle is hurt. He lays into her about responsibility and family. She screams back that her parents are dead because of him and his stupid camp. They were bringing him supplies. They felt bad for him, keeping him as a pet, like a puppy. Where’s all the money for her house? Why can’t he make this place nicer? Who would want to live like this? People aren’t going to go backwards. He can’t stop computers and cell phones with forty-five losers. He dismisses her. She doubles back – spying on him, hoping he’ll go for the money and he does. She waits until he leaves, and steals it – buys her Egypt tickets – booked for the next day. Mr. Gayle so disappointed & so hurt = no art show for Seit / he had 100 people coming and tickets being sold for raffle of her painting / it was a surprise
Related to 15/17? 15=steal money from Uncle then fight with him about everything she hates to make it all right in her mind that she stole / 17=Uncle trying to keep her at camp as she runs away again
At stake? Relationship with Uncle / herself
Conflict? Seit vs. Uncle = fights with him / Seit vs. Self = she is becoming mean to cover up stealing
Further the plot? She must go because the money / she needs to go to not get caught

EX: Scene 17: Action
Setting: Airport  (is there one in Alaska? Maybe stick to seaplane)
Characters: Seit, Mindy, Lex, Uncle, ESS airport guard
Purpose: kill Uncle and make Seit feel guilty
Plot: Seit borrows Mr. Gayles car – gets Mindy and Lex at the town laundry mat. They hightail it to the airport. Uncle finds his money missing and sees Seit’s clothes gone. He calls the Seaplane, but the pilot denies helping Seit. He heads to the airport on a hunch. He sees them in the long hallway – right before security. He runs toward them, yelling for Seit. She sees him and pushes ahead of a group. A security guard tackles Uncle. Seit feels relieved, but then Uncle struggles with him as she passes security. She can’t go back to help or explain. The plane is getting ready to take off – she is pushed forward, but as the door closes – a gun goes off. Uncle falls. She tries to get off the plane, but they won’t allow her. The whole plane is ESS. Uncle is grabbed by a security guard / taken away in handcuffs / captured by the ESS / hit hard once in front of Seit = he goes down
Related to 16/18? 16=fight with Uncle but now he tries to save her / 18=Uncle gets hurt because of her / killed
At stake? Uncle’s life
Conflict? Seit vs. Uncle = he chases after her / Seit vs. Plane = won’t let her off to help him
Further the plot? More mysterious / who is the guard? Is uncle all right? Who is on the plane with them?

INT: Scene 18: Dialogue/Interior
Setting: Aboard the Plane to Egypt
Characters: Seit, Mindy, Lex & Flight Attendant & Bear
Purpose: heighten suspense
Plot: Seit is frantic. She pleads with the flight attendants, but they will not re-open the doors. flight attendants will not allow her = overly odd / overly kind like to a baby / give her something to calm her nerves and she goes out = sees her spirit guide and this time listens & learns
The flight takes off and she is crying – screaming to get off. Finally the attendant gives her something to calm her down & she’s knocked out. While sleeping, she meets her spirit guide. He is agitated. He shakes his head, and paces. He draws a symbol in the dirt, then scratches it out. He does this over and over until Seit wakes. They are landing – and there are flashing lights and what look like cops cars all over the runway.
Related to 17/19? 17=Uncle just got hurt / 18=cops are there for her
At stake? Uncle’s health / Seit wanting to be in Egypt / her life / her friends
Conflict? Seit vs. Flight Attendants = won’t let her off the plane / Seit vs. Self = wondering what she has done
Further the plot? Who are the cops? What happened to Seit’s Uncle? Everything becomes more serious. And everyone on the plane has the tattoo of the link.

EX: Scene 19: Action
Setting: Air Strip Egypt
Characters: Seit, Mindy, Lex & ESS guards
Purpose: heighten suspense / tension
Plot: The plane lands. But they keep the passengers on – then four ESS agents come on board and escort Seit, Mindy, and Lex off. They won’t explain why – Seit tries to get some information – but they bully her to the cars. Then the anti-ESS group tries to intercept them – grabs Lex – but misses Seit and Mindy. The ESS SUV’s take off while Seit and Mindy are blindfolded and tied down.
Related to 18/20? 18=the end of the flight / 20=ESS agents are reprimanded so Seit feels her “brother” cares.
At stake? Being kidnapped / the link being discovered / Lex being lost
Conflict? Seit vs. ESS agents
Further the plot? Who has Lex? Who are the ESS agents and why are they being so rough with them? What’s going to happen?

EX:/INT:  Scene 20: Internal/Dialogue
Setting: Brother’s Palace
Characters: Seit, Mindy, Brother, dancers and dinner goers
Purpose: to confuse Seit / brother relationship
Plot: Brother acts very upset that Seit and Mindy were tied and blinded. He orders them released immediately and washed up and dressed in full royal garb. They are treated like two princesses – then a royal dinner is put on with strange, exotic foods – some scary, some wonderful and colorful. There is dancing and brother talks with Seit – flirting with Mindy – and putting on his best show. Seit shows him the link. He says she should keep it safe. Where is Lex? Who took him? Brother and others lie…
Related to 19/21? 19=ESS agents, but now they are reprimanded / 21=Seit is wrestling with trust with her new brother
At stake? Losing Lex / Giving up the Link / Seit making the wrong choice
Conflict? Seit vs. Brother = is he telling the truth? / Seit vs. ESS agents = as they are reprimanded she gets the suspicion that they thought they were doing as they were told
Further the plot? New family connection / more understanding of the Link and her bloodline

EX: Scene 21: Interior/contemplative
Setting: Bedroom in Palace – Seit’s
Characters: Seit, Mindy – guard outside door
Purpose: tension between Mindy and Seit
Plot: Seit and Mindy argue over going after Lex. Seit is trying to believe her new found family member – Mindy does not trust them. Mindy leaves to her room – Why are there guards? If brother is so trustworthy – why the guards? She was allowed to keep the coin, maybe the guards are so no one comes in to steal it. She makes excuses for brother. She wants to believe him – but she is unsure. brother overly nice and showing Lex as a bad kid = showing her fake arrest sheet and him wanting the money from her LINK
Related to 20/22? 20=trusting brother good? / 22=brother promises to bring back parents / Uncle is dead
At stake? Friendship with Mindy / their lives / losing Seit’s last blood link
Conflict? Seit vs. Mindy = to believe or not believe her brother and find Lex
Further the plot? Deepen the plot / whose side should Seit choose?

INT: Scene 22: Dialogue
Setting: interior great pyramid
Characters: Seit, brother, guards
Purpose: to lure Seit in more / up tension between Seit and Mindy
Plot: Brother has Mindy detained and shows Seit her parent’s bodies and uncle’s body wrapped in cloth. He promises that she can bring them back – once she places the coin in the last slot – and joins her blood with his. Seit is crying – wants to see her parents again, feels so guilty about Uncle – she agrees – and the ceremony will start tomorrow – during a dark moon
Related to 21/23? 21=trust issues with brother / 23=show that brother is untrustworthy
At stake? Seit’s parents and uncle / magic of Egypt
Conflict? Seit vs. Self = grief over Uncle and parent’s death / doing the right thing / helping her new brother and Egypt
Further the plot? Stacking the deck so Seit will choose to give her blood freely and the Link

EX: Scene 23: Action
Setting: Anti-ESS headquarters
Characters: Lex & top agents
Purpose: The plan to rescue Seit & Mindy – to destroy the ESS and recover the 5 coins
Plot: Lex stands over underground plans of the middle great pyramid. He is giving the plan to rescue Seit and Mindy – he is nervous – but sounds brave. He is dressed in Egyptian garb with two swords criss-crossed on his back. He has tattoos on his arms and legs. They load weapons and food on to camels – and ride out into the dark, cold night – no moon.
Related to 22/24? 22=Anti-ESS proves Brother is not trustworthy to Lex / 24=brother wounds Mindy / turns on Seit / not trustworthy
At stake? Losing Seit / Lex losing his life
Conflict? Lex vs. Brother = knowing what he’s capable of
Further the plot? Not sure? Maybe not a good chapter or might have to add more POV’s because this is the only one from Lex’s

INT:/EX: Scene 24: Dialogue / Action
Setting: interior great pyramid
Characters: Brother, Seit, Mindy – guards – dead parents & Uncle
Purpose: heighten tension Seit/Brother
Plot: Seit kneels at the alter. Brother holds knife ready – Seit places the Link into the slot. Brother cuts his palm then Seit’s. Their blood runs down the small pyramid – running over each symbol, coming together at the top point in a pool. The real pyramid rumbles and shakes. Statues come alive – and so does Seit’s parents and uncle. They rip their cloths off – but their eyes are dead – they are zombie-like – no soul. Seit screams – Brother has her shackled – Mindy runs toward them – brother throws his knife – hitting her in the chest. She goes down. Brother throws them both into underground jail.
Related to 23/25? 23=Shows that Lex’s rescue mission is too late, Seit already gave her blood freely / 25=Mindy dies from her wound
At stake? Trusting brother / going too far / Mindy / Seit’s own well being
Conflict? Seit vs. Mindy = Mindy tries to stop her / Seit vs. Brother = Brother wounds Mindy
Further the plot? Gives the bad guy what he wanted / Seit loses anther person she’s grown close to / everyone she loves dies

EX: Scene 25: Dialogue / Action
Setting: Jail Cell
Characters: Seit, Mindy, Guard
Purpose: more distress on Seit – show her cunning
Plot: Seit and Mindy are placed in separate cells. Mindy is unconscious and still bleeding. Guard is around Seit’s age – and kind of dumb. Seit gets him to allow her to see Mindy – give her time with her to find out how they were brought into the cell – Seit was knocked out by brother – but Mindy was awake – bleeding, but lucid. Seit even gets the guard to give her some water. Mindy wakes, but is going to die. Seit can tell because of a rabbit she once had as a pet, when it died in her arms. Mindy tells Seit what she remembers and then gives her a hidden gift – her knife. Mindy dies. Seit gets angry – she will fight. This is the fourth person to die because of her blood link. The guard readies to let her out, when she attacks – stabbing him, and then takes off.

Mindy lives, but hobbles on Seit’s arm = she falls and as the ESS guards grab them, Seit is snatched and tossed onto a camel = leaving Mindy behind and a battle with Anti-ESS guards

Related to 24/26? 24=Brother wounds Mindy / 26=Seit broke out of prison, using Mindy to fool the guard
At stake? Losing another friend / being caught or turned into a zombie herself / or going along with brother and losing herself
Conflict? Seit vs. Guard = getting him to let her see Mindy / Seit vs. Self = letting Mindy go and escaping
Further the plot? Shows how evil her “brother” is and that she must act against him or everyone will end up like her parents, uncle, and now Mindy

INT:/EX: Scene 26: Action
Setting: Tunnels of Great Pyramid
Characters: Seit, Chasing Guards, Anti-Ess character
Purpose: suspense
Plot: Seit is running down a long hallway covered in symbols – some Egyptian, some Indian – she sees the long green snake Mindy remembered, she knows she’s on the right path – she can hear the ESS guards echoing behind her – then wham – she is hit hard by a huge arm. Anti-ESS character has her in a bear hug – flashback to the bear and she knows to trust this guy – he runs with her – then scoops her up onto a camel – they gallop side by side – the ESS guards fire – Seit’s camel keeps running – there’s a group of camels on the ridge ahead – they return fire – Seit and Character are in the middle – dodging bullets – once the reach the group they all gallop away – miles go by and no one speaks or explains – they gallop toward a huge sand storm – and Seit thinks they will die – but the sand does not sting – and soon they are in the middle of a great palace.
Related to 25/27? 25=Seit used Mindy to escape and now is on the run / 27=Seit is in a new palace, still feeling out of touch, but she is treated with respect and authority here
At stake? Being caught / and being led into another psycho group that is on another side she does not know about
Conflict? Seit vs. Guards = chasing her and shooting / Seit vs. Anti-ESS guard = throws her on a camel
Further the plot? Now she has a chance to concur her brother and take back what is rightfully her bloodline / but does she want that? Does she believe in herself yet and who she is?

INT: Scene 27: Dialogue
Setting: Great Palace
Characters: Seit,  Anti-ESS head characters
Purpose: Explanations
Plot: Seit is brought into a room with a triangular table and men and women sitting, drinking, eating and talking. They hush when she enters – one even bows her way. Seit feels very odd – out numbered and scared. They start to explain who they are – who she is – and what they must do next to stop her brother. They show her the war plans – tell her how many soldiers they have ready to fight for her – and overwhelm her with decisions to make. Then they escort her to her room – the Queen suite – with jewels, gowns – and amazing views – servants, and flowers, perfumes and a pet monkey. People giggle and point as she walks by – she is so blond compared to everyone here. Children touch her hair – and are shooed away.
Seit wants to be told what to do / wants to be in art class again and be a kid with parents to look over her/ they put her in charge
Related to 26/28? 26=Escape with another group / 28=Seeing Lex helps her to feel some connection here / he is dressed and ready for war and accepts this fate / now she has to
At stake? Her old self / losing herself / still not fitting in / making the wrong decisions / getting others killed on her behalf
Conflict? Seit vs. Self = does she want this? Can she send people to their deaths? Is she strong enough?
Further the plot? Plans for war / molding her into the Queen she is

Scene 27.5: Action / Dialogue
Setting: Egyptian Palace / small hut that no one goes to
Characters: Seit & Egyptian Seer & Lex
Purpose: to give Seit courage / for her to see her mixture as a good thing not as what her brother said = weak thing
Plot: Added Scene = Egyptian Seer shows her how her Indian blood has enhanced her Egyptian blood / she can see things / she can do things / she is stronger because of the mix
Related to 27/28? She is finding out more and more about who she came from and where she is going / 28=feeling odd again, like an outsider but trying to believe
At stake? Being ruled by the Egyptian witch
Conflict? Seit vs. Lex = he does not want her to go / Seit vs. Witch = will she trust her enough
Further the plot? More understanding of who Seit is and how the two bloodlines have mixed to make her stronger

INT:/EX: Scene 28: Internal / Dialogue
Setting: Queen Suite – Seit’s Suite
Characters: Seit, Servants & Lex
Purpose: slow the pace / evolve Lex & Seit’s relationship
Plot: Seit is stripped – and bathed by servants. She feels self-conscience and weird about this. At first she tries to do it all herself – but they insist on helping. She is thinking about Lex and asking to see him. Speak of the Devil, he comes in. The servant girls try to shoo him out, but he comes right in. Seit is naked in the huge stone water basin and yells at him to shut his eyes. She gets out and is wrapped in a huge purple silk cloth to dry. She dresses in a white gown and then the servants leave them alone. Lex asks about Mindy – as he sees her bloody clothes. She breaks down and tells him everything. She does not want him to die on her behalf too. She forbids him to fight the next day – they argue and he leaves angry and says she is not his Queen and he does not have to listen to her – says she’s getting a big head. He storms out – leaving her broken – unsure of herself and not wanting to go to sleep.
not trusting Lex totally = ask about his past / he gets angry
Related to 27/29? 27=Seit not knowing what to do/ feeling out numbered and out of place / 29=Seit dressed for war / confident, but still wanting peace
At stake? Friendship with Lex / herself, who is she? / Being unsure
Conflict? Seit vs. Self = Is she the Queen / Seit vs. Lex = not wanting him harmed
Further the plot? Showing her more confident / clothes can help / Wanting to protect Lex, and maybe a flowering romance?

INT: Scene 29: Action
Setting: Great Palace Gates
Characters: Seit, Anti-ESS head characters, Lex
Purpose: up tension / ready for battle
Plot: Seit is dressed in war garb – given her small knife back along with two swords like Lex. She is put on top of the largest camel – dressed in gold and purple – Lex sits next to her – some random girl flirts with him – making Seit irritated – Lex laughs – the head AESS character gives a speech – Seit must say something – she turns red – then gets serious – everyone cheers and follows her into battle formation. They ride out of the sand storm, toward the Great Pyramids.
Related to 28/30? 28=Lex and her fight, but she gains more confidence from him and her clothes / 30=Lex wants to protect her now / brother seems to want peace too
At stake? Her life / Lex’s life / her people’s lives / not helping her parents, uncle and Mindy
Conflict? Seit vs. Self = can she do this? Can she start a war? / Seit vs. Les = he wants to protect her
Further the plot? War is going to happen / shows confidence in Seit

EX: Scene 30: Dialogue
Setting: Battle Ground / Brother’s Tent
Characters: Seit, AESS, Lex & Brother
Purpose: up tension between Brother & Seit / Show Lex likes Seit
Plot: Brother’s messenger delivers the message that Brother wants to speak with Seit alone. Seit believes she can change his mind – AESS does not want to let her go, but Lex sticks up for her. He will accompany her – but Seit says no – wounding his pride – he lets her go – then takes off without permission. He goes in with her into Brother’s tent – set up in the middle of the battle ground. Brother tries to convince Seit that she is greater than the AESS is allowing her to be. That she should be worshipped alongside him. That they should be wed and mix the bloodlines for the good of Egypt and their people. She tries to get him to stop this – to bring good to the world with the magic they can unlock – but he gets angry – Lex makes it worse – and the battle will occur.
Related to 29/31? 29=Seit and Lex getting along / confidence / 31=War begins with Seit’s charge / Brother out magics her
At stake? Friendship with Lex / Tie to brother / her life
Conflict? Seit vs. Lex = she does not want him to get hurt / Seit vs. Brother = will he listen to reason / Seit vs. Self = can she start a war
Further the plot? Brother refuses to back down / war is eminent

INT: Scene 31: Action
Setting: Battle in the Sands
Characters: Seit, Lex, AESS / ESS, Parents, Uncle
Purpose: kill off characters / show magic brother has
Plot: Seit leads the charge even thought the AESS does not want her in battle. She goes for her brother and wants to lay her parents and uncle to rest for good. Lex stays by her side. Brother’s warriors are made of sand – and when they are struck the return to the ground. Parents and Uncle stay by Brother’s side – they are strong and fast – and kill without caring. Seit makes her way toward them. But as she is ready to strike a killing blow to her father – Brother and her family disappear. brother’s jealousy of her mixed bloodline and takes Mindy to become his bride so they will have children with similar lines
End book.
Related to 30? 30=Seit makes the choice for the good of everyone
At stake? Dying / Lex’s life / Parents, Uncle, & Mindy zombies / Losing
Conflict? Seit vs. Self = ready for battle / Seit vs. Brother = in war / Seit vs. Zombie family members = can she kill them?
Further the plot? Gets ready for the next book / Brother disappears with his Zombies / others turn to sand / or become captures if truly human

Some more info on this outline. It took me a few more days than 2. I was on vacation in Costa Rica when I started to work on it, so I had to start and stop many time. But I think it's working for me. 

The lines in red ink are lines I added after completing the outline, and doing some research on Egyptian culture. I am in the middle of researching North American Indian culture and will be adding more ideas in blue ink.

I hope this challenge is helping all of you first time writers, or if you're like me, this is your second or third novel to write. I have to say writing this one, my second one, has proven much easier. 90 Days to Your Novel has helped me get more organized, and it's allowed me to think outside of the box I put myself in on my first novel. I'm actually thinking about going back and re-writing it this way....when I'm done with THE LINK.


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