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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Writer on the MOVE -- how to connect with other writers when you're the newbie in town...

UGH --- What is it about moving that takes the pencil out of my writing hand? Ever since I moved to Bend, OR six months ago I've been slow going. 

Maybe it's because I don't feel settled? I don't have a writer group…I miss my old one! 

Or I have too much on my plate with kids going to two different schools and meeting new parents? 

And what about geography? I never seem to know where I am or where I should be going. I seem to always be caught in a round-about.

I'm guessing it's a bit of all of the above. Moving is tough and stressful. It can knock you off your A-game. So what's a writer to do? 

Get researching…that's what!

There are plenty of places for a lonely new writer in a new town to find writer friends. I started with an easy search: Writers in Bend Oregon. Up popped a few interesting websites.

So, now I've joined some new writer's groups and met some new interesting writers. And I almost have my writing flow back…almost.

The kids are back in school, so I have time to write back. And I'm slowly getting my writing groove again. 

If you are a writer in transition:

  • Reach out
  • Tell people you are a writer
  • Ask for help finding other writers
  • Go to your local bookstores and read the bulletin boards - critique groups advertise there
  • Search Writers in your area
  • Search SCBWI meetings in your area
  • Be positive - you will get your groove back