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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

PALEO Magazine: What I'll be doing in 2014

A year gone by and boy I learned a lot! As many of you know I interned under Laura Rennert for the Andrea Brown Literary Agency throughout 2013. It was one of my all time favorite jobs!

I learned so much about query letters, writing and agents in general. I learned why I want to be traditionally published because I got to see how much an agent does for a writer. 

I also learned that I love writing, and interning took a lot of my writing time away. So I said a sad farewell to team Brown and said hello to PALEO Magazine.

I love interviewing people. And if you've read my blog you know that's true. At PALEO Magazine I will get to interview some very interesting people….

My first interview will be out in the June issue…so I can't say who it is yet….but he's in everyones corner, big into helping kids and healthy lifestyles, and I believe many of you will know him. I'm very excited about his interview. If you have kids you'll definitely want to check out this interview.

My second interview is going to be with a big NFL player. He's gone totally PALEO and will share his story with me. I'm totally siked about this one! I can't wait to meet him and talk food. If you are an athlete or you have a young athlete in your family, this interview will be the one for you.

So as you can see I'm going to be busy writing in 2014! Not only am I in the middle of revising my third novel - ANIMALIA - and getting it ready to send to agents, I will be meeting some fun and interesting and influential people in our cool world.
(I found this creepy photo -- just a teazur for you to wonder what my book might be about.)

By the way….PALEO Magazine loves writers. They are looking for new articles on healthy lifestyles and Paleo eating in general.

Check them out on Facebook Paleo Magazine

Maybe we'll be writing together!

Oh and if you are in the SF area on Jan. 25-26 - come to the PALEO booth. I'll be there.

Wish me luck!
And as always,

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