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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

90 Days to Your Novel: Update

Okay - so I've had to adjust the whole 90 days idea. I thought I could pull it off. Can't. Kids, Husband, dogs, new kitty, vacations and now time to write. So I am counting only the days I work on the novel. 

At this point I am 11 days in. Yes, that's it. But they are a good, hard, gut wrenching eleven days. I am pouring myself into this project. I will either have a novel written by this method, or a serious psychology bill. 

Today I worked on the 2 major, or biggest conflicts my main character has.

  1. Seit vs. Self (she does not care about her ancestors or lineage)
  2. Seit vs. World (if she chooses to bring her dead parents back, the end of the world will ensue)

I've never written a book this way. Before I even have a first chapter, I have my middle and end. It's strange. And I must fight the urge to write, and keep writing. But I am making myself follow this book. (even if I hate it right now) 

We have not gotten to the outline part yet, which is throwing me for another loop. I am trying to be like water, and go with the flow.  But you know writers....we have OUR way of doing things. Deep breath. 

Until tomorrow....when I hope I get to start on the beginning. 


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