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Saturday, May 26, 2012

SCBWI Tahoe Writer's Workshop 2012

Nevada SCBWI is one awesome group! Actually, they are more like a dream team of professionals with an enormous sense of humor.

The Faculty:

  • Holly Black: N.Y. times best-selling author
  • Kathleen Duey: Over 80 published books
  • Terri Farley: Author of a 24-book MG series
  • Ellen Hopkins: National Book Award winner & N.Y. times best-selling author
  • Verla Kay: Eleven picture books sold & Winner of Child's Best Book of the Year
  • Deborah Nourse Lattimore: Egyptologist & awards such as the Carnegie Scholarship to work in Pre-Columbian studies
  • Susan Hart Lindquist: Author of 3 young readers novels & award winning poet
  • Jenny MacKay: 18 nonfiction books for MG and Teen readers
  • Heather Petty: freelance writer & editor
  • Jennifer Rofe: Andrea Brown agent
  • Abigail Samoun: editor of children's books in all genres: Tricycle Press, Random House, and Little Brown.
  • Suzanne Morgan Williams: 11 nonfiction books for children and 1 novel & won awards
  • Pam van Hylckama Vlieg: Larsen-Pomada Literary Agency assistant agent & has sold 2 trilogies thus far.

I narrowed down all of their bios because this faculty is so amazing, if I put all the awards they have been given, I'd be here all night.

With such an amazing group, you'd think they'd be untouchable. But that was not the case. They mingled, sat with us aspiring writers at dinners, talked in the hallways, and said hello...even in the bathrooms. They made us feel worthy of being there. They inspired us. They gave us invaluable pointers, and sent most of us home itching to get to our computers and keyboards.

Random facts I learned at this workshop:

  • do not be a wallflower - say hello - ask questions - pitch your book
  • be funny 
  • don't drone on only about writing - strike up other conversations with those around you
  • brand yourself - wear the hat that is recognizable - the boots that say you are you
  • don't sit with the same group for every meal - mingle
  • when you critique - say what you love about the ms first before you say what you don't
  • when a famous writer gives out their cell phone number - save it in your phone!
  • listen - listen - listen & don't defend your work
  • look professional even if they say relaxed is the dress code, don't look like you just got up
  • do the writing exercises - even if you think they won't help you - they will!!
  • do not say in your query letter that your book has series potential
  • write what you want to write
  • don't be late
  • do your research!
  • get in the coffee line 30 minutes before you need to be in your seat
  • put everything you have, your heart and soul into this novel - don't save anything
  • check libraries for what is lacking for kids to read
  • check out a website called kickstarter
  • take notes - lots of notes
  • bring your own wine
  • be open
  • be helpful
  • smile
  • tell everyone about this workshop
  • you are now an honorary Nevada SCBWI writer
  • thank the speakers
  • find new writer friends on Facebook
  • bring your business cards and pass them out
  • have fun
If you'd like to find out more about the amazing programs the Nevada SCBWI offers click here:

A big thank you to all the speakers and attendees. You all made this writer's weekend wonderful, amazing, and inspiring. 

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