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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Interview with Una Tiers, author of Judge vs Nuts

I met Una on a facebook site for professional writers. The title of her book caught my eye and so I wondered if she would like to be interviewed. 

Una is a talented writer. She also spent many hours in court. She knows the system inside and out. Her book comes from her experiences with judges, juries, and nuts.  

Una is also a promotion Queen. She's using facebook, twitter, and email to get the word out. She's one to watch!

Below are the questions I asked her:

1.  Where did the title come from?  

I searched the internet for books in print and wanted something that worked with the theme and conveyed the spirit of the light hearted nature of my book.

2.  Describe your book in five words. 

Humorous,  Mystery,  Pithy,  Educational and Self-effacing

3.  What are you reading right now?

I just started Boyd Lemon’s book, It’s about his marriages.  The book is well written from the heart.    

4.  Who is Harry Mark Petrakis?

Mr. Petrakis writes books and stories about the Greek immigrants and Chicago with amazing and sustaining passion.  When he writes about a field of flowers you inhale to smell them again.  He is the ultimate storyteller with his kick the can story.  Years back I took his class at the Chicago Public Library and I attend his book signings whenever I can.

5.  Do you like writing query letters? 

No, as weird as I am they were painful.  The best rejection letter was encouraging me to keep writing and keep working at selling the book.  If I could find it, I would write a thank you note.  Pitching in person is a much better alternative.    

6.  Are any of the scenes in your book exact copies of reality in the courts? 

Sadly we are constrained by confidentiality rules.  However, every client, lawyer and judge has an impact on my imagination.    Some of what happens defies imagination.    

7.  What do you think about e-publishing?

This is the wave and authors need to utilize it.  Although I read paper books, my kindle, just 3 days old, has over 200 books.   The only downside is when the prices hold the market hostage for name brand authors.  In time that will change as the readers see the opportunities.

8.  How are you promoting your book?

While it’s still a learning process, I use facebook, linkedin and recently Good Reads to identify readers and share ideas with authors.  My book trailer is on you tube, my amazon author page and  

I guest blog, send press releases, use bookmarks and business cards, place announcements on online newspapers and ask for reviews.  I talk to people when I see them with an eReader and ask how they select the books.  I shameless leave my bookmarks here and there and some friends pass them out for me. 

9.  Who would be the best audience for your book?

Readers of cozies, legal buffs, anyone who ever had a raw deal in court, people who like to laugh and my friends.  

The word humorcide is the best description, if this makes you laugh, I hope you will give me a try.

10.  Do you use an editor/agent?

No agent, Judge vs Nuts was edited as part of the publishing contract.    

11. How can my blog readers help you to become an even bigger success?

Do I ever love this particular question!  LOL  If your readers want to learn a little more, e-mail me and I will send out samples. 

Right now Judge vs Nuts is on all the eBook stores.  If you do purchase the book, please let me know what you liked, and didn’t.  

Reviews on Amazon, and clicking the “like” button there is supposed to help the book ranking.  Who knows if a good comment will end up in the next book?

You are all welcome to join me on the social media groups. 

12.  What is your current project?

Judge vs Lake Michigan is in a rough draft.  I’m a little smarter now and think it moves faster and continues to develop the characters, like Fiona Gavelle.    

13.  What is your favorite thing about libraries?

I have two library cards, for Chicago and for Evanston, Illinois. The number of libraries I have access to is amazing.  Every library has a personality and little nooks and crannies where you can sit and read or daydream.  

Every library has a set of good vibes; they even chase you out kindly at closing time.  

When I was returning books to our branch library, I was bragging about my magnificent book review from Barbara D’Amato.  The librarian checking in books overheard and handed me Barbara’s new book, Other Eyes.  You can’t get that in a lot of places.
Thank you for your kind invitation Angie and your thoughtful questions.

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  1. Thanks Angie, the interview really looks great.
    Queen Una Tiers
    Judge vs Nuts

  2. Thanks for stopping by Sheila.

    Una Tiers

  3. Angie, thank you for writing such great questions. I received comments on FB and LI about this post. I'll look for ways to help you.
    Una Tiers

  4. Thanks Una...that means a lot. A;-)

  5. A great interview. The questions by Angie and Una's replies both were equally impressive. Best wishes for Judge vs Nuts.

    Ratan Kaul

  6. Thanks Ratan, I am fortunate to meet so many terrific people who support one another in following our dreams.
    Una Tiers