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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Interview with author Albert Borris: Writer of CRASH INTO ME

I met Albert in Big Sur at a writer's conference last year. He seemed shy at first, but his book made me guess that wasn't the case. I was right. 

Albert shines even though the stroke has done some harm to him. He explained it like this. His mind must take a few extra seconds to process a thought, or conversation. It is tougher to hit the correct keys on the keyboard too. And yet, here he is, a published writer. 

Albert is an inspiration to me. He is passionate about writing. He is intense. He is eager to help people see through the here and now. We all have problems, like the teens in his book. I related to each and every character, maybe not to their exact issues, but that feeling of inadequacy. 

We all have times in our lives when we feel lost and alone. It can happen as a teen when your body is raging with hormones and everyone is trying to find themselves. It can happen as a mom, when you've lost yourself and feel uncertain about your choices. It can also happen when you retire, and your identity changes or shifts. The only thing you can really count on is, things will not be the same in your life forever. 

Albert could not have foreseen his stroke. He did not know this huge change in his life was coming. But he rose above it and wrote a book that matches his strength. He is inspiring just like his heart-breaking, amazing characters.   

Interview questions:

1.    As a counselor to teens, what is the average percentage of them having thoughts on suicide? 10, 30, 50, 90%?

2.    Please describe your book in 5 words.

3.    What is a typical creative day like for you?
I liked to spend all day at the computer, only once getting up the feed the dogs,and once to play the piano.

4.    What time do you get up? What do you eat for breakfast?
Eleven o'clock, sometime twelve o'clock...and I scarf down a bowl of Captain Crunch

5.    Which character is most like you? Which one is least like you?
Owen, he's most like me.   Jin-ae, she a lesbian cutter...I don't think I could ever cut myself.?

6.    Are any of your characters replicas of people you knew in high school?

No.  And Yes, while i was working the moorestown high school.  People would come to me and share all of their life experiences, it just so happened. About 150 times people were so fucked up, that I couldn't do anything except Screening and Crisis Intervention, Scip.

7.    Do you have a special place you go to write?
Desk and B/N, Starbucks, a little diner up the way.

8.    Are your family members supportive of your creative career?
Well, that an interesting questions.  Before the stroke, I was at the top of field.  Since I had a stroke, I am retired.
I would plead the 5th on the Q.

9.    What author would you most recommend to your audience?
Vonnegut, Sebstian junger, O'Brien

10.    What are you working on now?
TAG/The Anarchy Game...Pretty close finishing it now.

11.    How did you choose your characters personalities?
Sometimes the characters come to me in dreams, other times it is like they come through people I meet.

12.    How many rejections did you get before you found a publisher?  
265 Threw it out....started again.  This is my 6th book, Crash into me.

13.    You suffered from a stroke. How does this hinder or help your writing?
HINDER...Stroke suffers are hindered by their writing, Slow down>>> 
I had a TAG/Which Was part of game/publishing game...Overall I think it's hindered my progress

14.    They say to really understand how to write a scene, you should act it out. Which scene did you act out to make more real to your readers?
I did not act it out, though I could before my stroke...maybe the scene with OWEN talking to Audrey
When she asleep, but not asleep.

15.    If someone said, "Your book changed my life!" What part would he/she be referring to?
Owen, Jin-ae, frank and Audrey change their minds about EVERYTHING...
That's what I talk about to High School Students.

16.    Have you ever thought about suicide? If so, what kept you from doing it?
I thought about S a lot, 24-26 was I.  I don't even know the trucks didn't come by me.
...I smarted up.

17.    What made you need to write this book?
A potential suicide, middle school, moorestown, nj

18.    How can my blog readers help you to be an even bigger success?
I don't know, but I take any publicity I can get.
(Well I know Albert - go to his website and buy his book  Also: Pass on this interview to your friends.) 

19.    What are your top 3 reasons to live?
My dog...he is only 10 weeks old: BEAR, a golden retriever.
Samuel and Jonah, age 7 & 4;
And mom. she is 80.


  1. Nice interview. Looks like a great book,too. I'll put it on my TBR list.

  2. Albert Borris is a huge inspiration to me. I had the pleasure of knowing him before and after his stroke. I attended Moorestown High School and he was the student assistance coordinator. He helped me through a lot, and I am so proud of him for what he has overcome. I am overjoyed that he is continuing to write. It takes a lot of strength and courage to overcome the obstacles he has, and those are two things he does not lack. Crash Into Me is an inspiring, touching book that I would recommend to anyone.

  3. So true Alex!! He inspires me everyday. As do your kind words.

  4. Hey everybody! I'm going to held a presentation about albert borris and his book, but i can't find any information about him and his website isn't working in Germany. So my question is, if anybody could send me some information about his life and so on? i would be verry happy!