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Monday, March 19, 2012

Conquering Fear

Today was the first time I stood as teacher in a yoga class. I got to talk to the students, do some moves, and help guide them into deeper poses. It was awesome. But before I ever stepped through those yoga studio doors, fear gripped my entire me.

Why? Why? Why? I know the poses. I know the flow. Yet, my mind told me lies. It said, "You're not ready!" It said, "You're going to look stupid." It said, "They are going to know you are new!" So I got scared, and practically chickened out. 

It's the same with my writing. I've been writing for almost 9 years now. I know the rules. I know when to break them. I know my writing is good....dare I say great when it comes to dialogue. I know I've got a point of view. I know I can do it....and lies tell me, "Don't send that out!" "It's not ready to be read!" "You're going to look stupid!"

Yuck! Why do I...we tell ourselves such horrible untruths about ourselves? It seems that fear keeps most of us from doing what we were meant to do in this world, at this time. I mean, how many times have you told yourself you couldn't? How many times did you beat yourself up this week alone? How many lies have you told yourself about yourself?

We are the hardest judges on ourselves. So much so that we become frozen, afraid to move forward. We are afraid to try something new. We are afraid to show our bellies to the world. 

What do I do now? How do I get over the fear and live my life to my fullest potential? And why would I want to?

Reason to do:

  • to challenge myself - to see if I can
  • to show who I am - my true north - my real inner light
  • to share with others 
  • to inspire others to show who they are - to be who they were meant to be
  • to enjoy my life
  • to learn something new
  • to fall and get back up
  • to be proud of my accomplishments
  • to be proud of those around me

How did I get over my fear? How did I walk through those yoga doors today?

What worked in yoga:
  • I took classes on how to be a yoga teacher
  • I told myself "I am a yoga teacher!"
  • I told others "I am a yoga teacher" - even before I ever stood up in front of the class
  • I asked my yoga teacher to help me - to let me come to her class and teach
  • I scheduled a day - I had to show up
  • I breathed
  • I studied the poses again
  • I got off the mat and helped others be better in their poses
  • I found my voice

The same will apply this year to my writing.

What will work in writing:
  • I will tell myself that my work is ready
  • I will say I am an author!
  • I will tell everyone I know that I have a book finished
  • I will ask for help - I will ask if my friends know agents, publishers, etc...
  • I will schedule time to write that darn query letter
  • I will show up at my scheduled time
  • I will study other query letters
  • I will email them out
  • I will show the world my voice!

My challenge to you is to find your voice! I challenge you to find your passion. To set yourself goals, and live up to them. And I want to hear from you. What did you accomplish? What fear did you overcome? And how did you do it?

What to do:
  • Make a list of your passions in life: do you like to garden? play football? Write? Yoga? Bike? Swim? Read?
  • What type of life would you like to live? 
  • What types of jobs could you do to incorporate your passions?
  • Who do you know that could help you?
  • What one first step can you take right now?
  • Then tape a picture of your dream on your computer, fridge, or inside your car.
  • Keep your goals insight and chip away little by little each day.
We are all the same - you and me. We all have fears and dreams. If we work together as a community, I believe we can defeat our fears and accomplish our biggest dreams! I believe in you. Do you believe in you? 


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