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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Websites For Writers

I use many different websites when I write. I've starred many of them across my top sites bar on my Mac. So when, the other day, during a critique group session, the question came up about what sites help writers the most, I had some to share. 

We all write in different ways. Some of us use imagery, drawing pictures, outlines, and some use notes, or library research to help. But all of us can use a little help one way or another from these sites. 

I've come up with a key to let you know which sites I've used, which sites I've been told are great, and which sites I've found on the internet, but haven't heard much about. 

*** = I've used this site and it's great
? = heard good things from writers I trust, but I have never used it myself
x = this is a new site to me, found info about it on line, but I have not used it yet

  1. : (***) This is a free site for writers of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. It's easy to sign up too. You can search for publishers. You can look up interviews. There is a calendar for deadlines of contests and publications, and much more. Go check it out immediately!
  2. : (***) This organization is for the children's book writer, from the picture book to the young adult genres. I highly recommend this site to writers who are brand new to the ones who've been published many times over. There is always something new happening at SCBWI. You will find calendars there of writer's workshops all across the US and the world. You will also find awards and grants to apply for. 
  3. : (x) Bella is the Voice of Women. They cover topics such as journalism, radio & TV, speechwriting, and technical writing as well as general writing help. 
  4. : (x) If you need the answer to a question right now....ask it here. 
  5. : (***) This websites gives you the database of literary agents. It helps you understand how to submit to agents, with what to do and what not to do. It also breaks down the publishers by major, small, and lit magazines. There is also great information about E-Publishing.
  6. : (***) This site comes in handy when you are at a loss for a word. It's also pretty funny to just plug in some words and see what it comes up with. The definitions are not from a dictionary, but explain how words are used in everyday speech. The word of the day is worth checking out too.
  7. : (***) When you are ready to send out your query letter, go here first. Read. Read. Read. and Read. Then re-write your query letter. 
  8. : (***) If you are not familiar already with this site, you should go sign up now. This is where you will find information on the latest books to read. This is also a great resource for writers for research.
  9. : (x) Need a quote. Check out this site and...
  10. : (***) Nothing but quotes here.
  11. : (?) This author breaks down the ins and outs of writing, querying, and publishing. 
  12. : (***) Write Better, Get Published is their motto. There is a lot of great information on this site from editor blogs, education, writing articles, and the writing community.
  13. : (?) This site will help you to find places to sell your writing. It will also help you to manage your submissions and get quick updates on the publishing markets. 
  14. : (***) This blog is written by an agent in the children's book genre. It's won many awards, and you will see why. Categories include: Advice, Agent, Client, Editors, Events, Queries, Revision, and Publishing. 
  15. : (?) This is the National Novel Writing Month site. If you are ready to write that novel - go here!
  16. : You will find articles on writing, a market dictionary, writing resources, and much more on this site. 
  17. : (x) Check out this Purdue online writing lab. They share free resources and information. 
  18. : (?) A place where writers and readers come together to talk books. 
  19. : (x) Legal questions on writing? Want to know what a copyright protects? Go here. 
  20. : (?) For any writer of all skill levels. Find your writing tools here. 
  21. : (***) This is your reference for words and information.
  22. : (***) Beware when you find info here, but it can be a great place to start, and funny too. 
  23. : (x) This is the internet public library. You can search by subject, for newspapers and magazines, and by genre. 
  24. : (x) This site is for Poets & Writers. A non-profit, they help creative writers with tools for writing. You can also connect to other writers here. 

I hope these websites help you to become an even better writer. If there are any that you use, and think should make the top list, please leave a comment below. Write~On 


  1. This is such a generous amount of writing resources you shared with us - thank you Angie!