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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Interview with Oli Hille: Author of “Creating the Perfect Lifestyle”

  I met Oli through Facebook. I read an article that he'd written about his new book, Creating the Perfect Lifestyle. Obviously this is not a children's lit book, but I wonder. If we begin to raise our children with the understanding that they have the power to live the life they want, wouldn't that be wonderful?

It all starts with you! I believe in Oli. I believe he's going to help lots of people discover what's already inside them. And I believe that if this new, happy, believe in yourself attitude trickles down to our kids, then the world will be a better place!

Below are the questions I asked him:

1.    Why did Creating the Perfect Lifestyle need to be written?
In the mid nineties I was working long and brutal hours for a big corporation. At the same time I was building a real estate portfolio and sleeping only 6 hours a night. I got so stressed I had to go and see a doctor who told me I had to change the way I was living.

A few months later that I woke up and had a revelation:

"Life is not about working your butt off for someone else, life is for living and life is about Lifestyle."

So I decided to create the life I wanted. And I decided to study people who have been very successful in life.

What I found was that creating the life of your dreams is possible, and it is strategies and a formula anyone can apply to their lives.

That is the basis of my book. I want to show people the steps they can take to create a fantastic life for themselves and the people around them.

Since I had my “Lifestyle Revelation” I set out to create the life I wanted. I started with a clean slate and I followed my passions. There is a great saying:

“It’s not work if you love what you do.”

So I set about creating a life that enabled me to do all of the things I was passionate about and that gave me time for:

My spiritual life
Time for my community
Time for giving to charities

-         All the things I never had time for before.
-         And an income that allows you to live the way you want to.

And I found that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve a really wonderful life.

After I found that there are steps anyone can take, I wanted to tell people.

And just like you, I want to make the world a better place. So I decided to write a book so that everyone had a blueprint for creating their perfect lifestyle.

2.    What time do you get up and what do you eat for breakfast?

I thought about passing on this question because it didn't seem relevant and then I realized perhaps it is. I generally get up early between 6am and 7am.

I start my day by planning it and prioritizing my main tasks.

I am very conscious of what I eat. My breakfast is almost always fresh fruit with a few pieces of high cocoa dark chocolate.

3.    Who is the target audience for this book?
Initially I thought one specific target was 17-25 year-olds who really need to know this stuff before they start out, but Google analytics tells me that most of the visitors to my website <>  are between 40 and 55, and I get most of my feedback from people 30-55. I also get older people who buy it for their children. And I had a top Amazon reviewer read it, give me a five star review, and then require his three young adult children to read it!

So I guess anyone who knows they are not living the life of their dreams – and wants to find out how they can.

4.    How did you write this book? Use an outline? Just pen to paper? Research?

I started with every topic I wanted to write a chapter on. Then I added to that topic list as I went along. I wrote in cafes a lot - pen to paper! I also did a lot of research and I interviewed successful people. It took me seven years to research and write it.

5.    How many rejections did you get before you became a #1 Amazon bestseller?

I never submitted it to a publisher so fortunately I never got rejected! I am an absolute advocate for completely forgetting traditional publishing - it is a dying business model and it does not benefit 99% of authors.

In fact I am so certain that self publishing is the only way forward for 2012 that I have a book coming out on February 25th "How to Become an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author - and Make Money!". I have spent the last two years researching how to successfully launch a book online and how to get the best out of Amazon's system. The book will be an absolute must for authors. Please register for the launch here: <>

6.    Did you take any writing classes? Would you recommend any to a newbie writer?
No I didn't, but I spent 6 1/2 years at university and that taught me to write non-fiction. For fiction I would definitely recommend writing classes.

7.    Ever wanted to give up on this writing career? If so, why did you keep going?
I never wanted to give up, but I was VERY frustrated with traditional publishing and the thought that I had to spend months finding an agent, and sending my manuscripts everywhere. And then even if I was successful, knowing that all the middle men were going to take 90% of the cover price of the book. Thankfully Amazon came along and levelled the playing field. I have never looked back!

8.    What is the funniest thing that has happened to you since you've been published?

When I became a bestseller I was on the National 6 o'clock news and on National radio and newspaper. It's not funny in a "ha ha" way, but it is funny when strangers comment on seeing or hearing you in the media.

9.    Describe your book in 5 words.

YOUR Fantastic Lifestyle - it's time!

10. Did you hire an editor for this book? If yes, how did it help you? If no, would you use one for your next book?

Yes, an editor is absolutely critical if you want to produce an excellent book. As an author you get too close to your work and you do not see areas that need fixing and you stop seeing the grammatical errors. 

Traditional publishers require authors to rewrite their books until the editor is happy - that is how they get excellent books to the public. As self published authors we MUST do the same. And the editor has to be someone who does it for a job and does not know you.

11. Who is your biggest cheerleader?

I have been very blessed to have a core group of nearly 300 people in my "Inner Circle" who have helped me with advice, comments and promoting the book to others. Without them my book would not have been successful.

12. Please explain the Law of Attraction.

I have a whole chapter in my book on the Law of Attraction - and it is not what people would expect. It is my strong belief that the Law of Attraction is actually a spiritual principle that has been around since God invented it! We just call it the Law of Attraction now. You can read my thoughts on my webpage <>  - I recommend people read it!

13. What are you reading right now?
Actually my reading has suffered since I starting writing more! I have a really tight deadline of February 25th for the launch of my book "How to Become an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author - and Make Money!".

However I am reading a brilliant book by John Steinbeck "Journal of a Novel". I am also reading the book of Joshua in the bible.

14. What other hobbies do you enjoy besides writing?
Not really hobbies but my faith and my family are the most important things in the world to me.

I love reading of course, and exercise, and just hanging out with friends.

15. Why do you think your book is worth reading?

It is easier for me to point you to the 46 Amazon "5 star" reviews to see why other people rave about it. Honestly some of the things people say are very humbling:

16. If someone said to you, "Your book changed my life." What would they be referring to?

Well there are 65 chapters in the book and it is 266 pages long, so they could be referring to any number of pieces of advice. 

I have been very blessed in that a lot of people have told me how much they have benefited from the book - and as an author that is just wonderful. People should especially read the chapter “Before you Die – Read This!”

17. How do you handle a bad review?

I knew I would get bad reviews, it comes with the territory especially because I do not hide my faith. So I honestly try to think about the book from that readers point of view and think about how I could have added value to their life in the book. It doesn't get me down. I guess that is partly because the good reviews so hugely dwarf the bad reviews.

18. How can my blog readers help you to become an even bigger success?
Here is the truth. I actually want it to be the other way around. I want YOUR readers to become an even bigger success in their lives. 

I have dropped the price of my book from $8.97 to $4.97 as a test, so I would love your blog readers to grab the book at this price. If they read it and it radically improves their life, perhaps they will leave a review and it will be a win - win for us both!

19. What one word describes you?


20. What is your favorite lifestyle tip you've received?
"Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you."

21. How can people see all nine books you have for sale on Amazon?

Simply go to: <>  - it lists all of my books and their prices. A number of the books are only 99 cents!

22. Where can people go to get your book “Creating the Perfect Lifestyle” for $4.97? <>

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need an Ebook reader or  a Kindle to read the book! Amazon gives you the free software so you can read the book on your computer, or your phone!

Thank you!

Oli Hille
Amazon #1 Bestselling Author

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