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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Interview with Jon Curry: Hollywood Actor

I met Jon on the preschool playground. His sweet, tow-headed, little girls chased my boys around the sliding board. What a fun intro. We quickly got to know each other as creative types. 

Jon is an awesome dad, honest person and happy husband. He's been acting for most of his life, hitting theatre stages, television and the big screen. His versatility makes him a great candidate for almost any acting. He will even do stunts if he's ever asked. 

Jon inspires. He followed his dreams. He believed in himself and surrounded himself with others who also believed in him. Reading about Jon, you too will become inspired to follow your passions. Whether acting, writing, decorating, producing, directing, cooking, painting, drawing... get out there and do something creative! Show us who you are. 

1. Lets get to know you: Where did you grow up? Any siblings? Favorite pastimes? 
Born in Seattle WA, also lived in Spokane, Cheney and Reardon. Graduated from Mercer Island High School. One younger sister, Jodi. Love to play softball and ride horses.

2. Were you a ham or shy guy in school?
I was a bit of a ham from time to time, was involved in Theater from the time I was 11. I wouldn't say I was shy in school, no.

3. You also dabble in writing – what genre are you drawn to?
I dabble in some creative writing. Mostly short stories.

4. How supportive are your friends and family in your creative career?
My friends are very supportive, although they constantly seem incredulous that anyone could actually make a living in my field.

5.     What was your first acting role?
I began in a production of "Oliver" at the Spokane Civic Theater at age 11. It wasn't until after graduate school that I booked my first commercial and later roles in TV and film.

6. Who is your favorite teacher?
I have two favorite teachers. 1: Robin Smith and interim drama teacher at the University of Washington. 2: Uta Hagen

7. How do you feel about watching yourself on screen? 
I'm generally not crazy about watching myself on screen because I see the same tricks and mannerisms that I tend to fall back on as an actor. I'm often uncomfortable watching scenes I've shot.

8. Is it true in Hollywood, it's who you know, or is it how you present yourself?
There's no question that having relatives in the industry and in Hollywood can make a huge difference in the progression of your career. You'd be amazed at how many of today's current stars have parents in the industry. That said, if you have talent,  taste and tenacity, I believe you can achieve anything you want in this business.

9. Do you hope your children follow your example?
I have not encouraged them to pursue acting one way or the other. However, they have attended several auditions with me where producers were looking for "real dads" with "real kids." My eldest daughter Madeleine and I shot a spot together some months back. We had a great time together.

10. You have been on many shows, and have jumped onto the big screen – you have a big range – how did you realize your versatility?
My "versatility" is only a product of having to do any job I can get my hands on. I've never had the luxury of being a series regular or a star of a feature film, so I just audition for everything I can get my hands on. (well, almost everything) I try to avoid the productions in Chatsworth.

11. Have you ever done stunts? If not, would you do your own if asked?
Have not been asked to do any stunts, would absolutely jump at the chance.

12. Who is your favorite movie actor? Who would you most like to work with?
I'm a huge fan of Harvey Keitel, Tim Hutton, Daniel Day Lewis, and Andre Braugher

13. Are you working on a sitcom or a movie? 
I recently shot a guest star on the series "Bones." I'm hoping Cameron calls me to revisit my role as "Suit #2" in 'Avatar.' They are shooting both Avatar 2 and 3 in Manhattan Beach. Very convenient!!

14. Have you had any professional writing classes? 
I regret that I haven't taken any professional writing classes thus far. But I promise Angie, I intend to!

15. Who is your favorite sitcom writer? Actor?
I think Larry David is a genius.

16. What are your creative goals for the next 5 years?
In the next 5 years, I'd like to book a series regular on episodic television, be cast in several new feature films and book another national voice-over campaign for a major automotive company!

17. Describe a typical shoot in 5 words or less. 
Prompt arrival, prepared, respectfully gracious, thorough.

18. What is your favorite acting term? Action! That's a wrap. Others?
"Break a leg." "1st Team" "Flying in" "This is the Martini!"

19. How often do you work out your voice? Your body? 
I read voice over copy pretty much every day, I sing in the car and I try to hit the gym 3-4 times per week.

20. How can my blog readers help make you an even bigger success?
They can check out my website at  and write a letter to James Cameron extolling the virtues of "Suits #1&2!!"


  1. Nice interview! It's nice to see someone making a living at what he loves and without a huge ego. I remember him on the Bones show. He's a fine actor.

  2. Rosi - he just did Bones again this week. His star is rising...