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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Project Plan 1b: O is for Outline

Answer these questions to create a stronger foundation for your story.

  • Narrator: 1st person? 3rd? detached narrator?
  • P.O.V. - does it switch? Or stay close to the MC?
  • Tense - Past or Present?
  • Setting - Where? When?
  • Timelines - What is the time constraint? What is moving the story from A to B? 
  • Tone - Simple? Complex? Straightforward? Open? Closed?
  • Major Conflict - What is your MC's major conflict - the main one
  • Minor Conflicts - Man vs. Self? Man vs. Man? Man vs. Nature? Man vs. Fate? Man vs. Society?
  • Rising Action - Leading up to the climax
  • Climax - When does everything change for your MC?
  • Falling Action - Coming down from the big change
  • Themes:
      1. The Great Journey - a series of episodic adventures
      2. Loss of Innocence - coming of age
      3. The Noble Sacrifice - for anyone, a loved one, an enemy, a group
      4. The Great Battle - people or groups of people in conflict
      5. Fall From Grace - doing something God should do = always followed by misfortune
      6. Love and Friendships - romantic love or buddy films
      7. Fate - from good to bad or bad to good / some other force is guiding the mc
      8. Revenge - bitter sweet
      9. Trickery - a group or person tricks someone into doing something
      10. Mystery - something unexplained happens
You might also want to consider what script writer's consider when developing a movie script:
  • What is sellable in this book? Products? Can they sell a wand? A mug? A t-shirt from it?
  • Product tie-ins? Are there any major companies that might back this book if they have a tie in to sell their product? Type of car the mc drives? Type of drink? Toy or electronics the mc uses or wants?
This may seem like a huge task, but I promise you, if you understand these questions about your novel, it will be easier to create and write and revise. 


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